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Welcome to my Site on Home Computing for free (or cheap!)

Hi, my name is Stuart Sparks, I am an I.T. Consultant / Engineer and although I usually work on large corporate systems I also do help out with Home Computing and wanted to make a site with some useful info and tips that I thought many home PC enthusiasts would like to learn. Computing at home is now more popular than ever and with most homes now having broadband internet, we are all wanting to share documents, pictures and communicate on a daily basis.

Subjects that I shall cover are going to be:

Home Networking - It's becoming more and more common for people to have more than 1 pc/laptop at home now, i regularly get asked how to share files between machines. Here I will show you an easy guide to sharing files between your home computers, also with an explanation of home computers find and talk to each other.

Teamspeak - Although commonly used as a means of verbally speaking to your gaming friends when gaming online - this is also a very useful tool for having free "telephone type" conversations with more than 1 person at once - handy for when trying to organise a night out, party or such like with several people at once

Creating a Website - It's so easy and cheap now to create your own websites. A great way to share hobbies, pictures, or even as below - to make money from! Here I will give an idiots guide to creating a website.

Making money from Advertising - Now i'm sure you've heard or seen at some point these claims of making yourself rich whilst at home, well here I explain how to use Google's Adsense system to make some money simply from having some adverts on your website, just like mine over on the left. Plus other options like becoming an affiliate or domain parking.

Domain Names / DNS / IP address - What it all means, what a domain name is (ie. www.stuartsparks.com) how it works and how to easily and very cheapily create your own .com name.

Windows Media Centre - If you have a large flat screen TV - then you must get Media Centre. It's great for when you have friends & family around for showing pictures, videos and when you have a party for people to choose music by themselves. See this page on setting up your own Media Centre at home. Also how to make this look even better using Media Browser.

Backing up - Do you backup your important files? What would you do if your harddrive crashed or even worse you had a fire at home. Here i shall go through some options to get you backing up your data - as always for free or really cheap!

Windows Home Server - Learn what Microsoft's Home Server can do for you and your families computers. A perfect way to safely store all your home documents and pictures. To automatically back up a all your computers and for logging into your home network remotely.

Contact me - For help or more info.

Other pages coming soon will include


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